Watch: Epic Wellness Conversations

We all may face wellness challenges at times. Our Vail Resorts Wellness Director, Dr. Corey Levy, sat down with a couple of mental health colleagues to talk about some of these challenges and share simple tools and practices that can help. By actively taking smalls steps, we can implement big and powerful personal changes.

Take a few moments of your own time – even during your commute or on a walk after work – to watch or listen to these 25-minute conversations and reflect on your own self-care.

Gratitude & Mindfulness – Corey & Mimi Munroe talk about how gratitude and mindfulness can make us feel happier, healthier and more grounded, and share some ideas for ways to incorporate them into simple moments in our everyday lives:

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Managing Burnout – Corey & Dr. Debbie Sorensen discuss how to know if you’re feeling burnt out, helpful practices and tools to manage burnout, the challenges of prioritizing self-care and ideas for building health habits: 

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