New Helly Hansen Uniform Rollout

Did you know that our company is making a significant investment in replacing our uniforms over the next three seasons? These entirely new uniforms have been redesigned based on feedback from resort-based team members, like you. We are excited to be replacing uniforms for all our team members across all our resorts. As you can imagine, that is a lot of uniforms! Between jackets, pants, mid-layers, and vests we are sourcing, manufacturing and distributing more than 130,000 new garments. Due to the volume of uniforms that need to be replaced, we are approaching the upgrade in phases, with select teams and resorts receiving new uniforms each season. Check out the New Employee Uniform FAQs to learn more

Fun fact: As we transition to new uniforms, we are working with ReCircled, a recycling supplier, to responsibly recycle our retired uniforms. In FY 2023, we recycled 48,000 lbs. of our retired uniforms.