Keep your Information Secure

Cybersecurity is important to our company’s information as well as your individual information security. To stay aware of the ever-evolving threats, the Vail Resorts Information Security team is sharing what to look out for when protecting your information: 

  • Phishing: Phishing is a technique where attackers impersonate trusted entities by email. Keep an eye out for generic greetings, spelling errors, a sense of urgency, or requests for sensitive data in your inbox. You can report suspected phishing through Outlook or your inbox provider.  
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) fatigue: When receiving MFA requests, it can become easy to accidentally ignore the notifications. It’s important to be careful and only approve MFA requests from trusted sources. Vail Resorts uses the Microsoft Authenticator mobile application. 
  • Vishing: Remember to never to give out personal information over the phone. Many attackers will pretend to be from IT or a known vendor like Microsoft. The Vail Resorts IT Service Center will not proactively call you. When in doubt, inform the caller you will call them back at the IT Service Center line, 970-754-4357. 
  • Smishing: These attacks use text messages to trick you into giving up personal information or clicking on a malicious link. Never give out personal information in a text message and be careful about clicking on links from unknown senders. When in doubt, do not reply; instead, open a “Generic Incident” ticket in IT Connect. 
  • Mobile Account Takeover: Attackers will call your cell phone carrier and pretend to be you. They use information they have about you to convince the carrier to port your phone number to their device. This gives them access to your MFA codes and other sensitive information. To protect yourself, set a PIN on your SIM card that must be entered each time your phone is turned on. 

Remember, here’s how you can report any suspicious cyber activity to the Vail Resorts Information Security team:  

  • IT Ticket – Open a “Generic Incident” ticket in IT Connect  
  • Call 970-754-4357 (US) or 604-935-5500 (Canada) to reach the IT Service Desk 
  • Send an email to 
  • On Outlook’s desktop appUse the “Report Phish” PhishAlarm button  
  • On Outlook’s web browser – Select “Report Phishing” under the “Report” menu 

To learn more, register for the optional webinar with the Vail Resorts Information Security team on Wednesday, Aug. 30 from 12 pm to 1 pm MT.