Growing and Learning Through Camp III

Higher Ground is our series of programs called Camps that provide growth and development opportunities for high-potential leaders at various levels. The Camp I, II, and III programs give leaders the space and time to reflect, grow and prepare for the next steps in their careers. Recently, more than 40 senior-level leaders completed the final step in the leadership development series, Camp III. This six-month intensive leadership curriculum requires significant time and focus. Congratulations to the graduates for their commitment to the program and their development.

  • Top Left to Right: John Jennings, Sam Eichenblatt, Ryan Mauter, Derek Egbert, Kevin Weber, Dustin Stokes, Emily Herbert, Jon Kimchi, Zeke Wray, Chris Wirth, Koby Kenny, John Maloney, Terry Janssen, Adam Francis, Michael Findorff, Steve Johnson, Ted Mcdowell, Mike Leopando
  • Center Left to Right: Corissa Post, Alex Hinkel, Emily Gibson, Katie Overton, Brittani Shuman, Calley Murphy, Kamila Choma Boyle, Kari Bjorlin, Mike Pattison, Brandon Swartz, Lindsay Hogan
  • Bottom Left to Right: Marissa Frutchey, Melissa Smith, Casey Cope, Alex Duchaj, Devlin Brannon, Veronica Smith, Tricia Taylor, Ana Testolini, Matt Neubauer, Amy Ohran, Kevin Delonay, Kenneth Smith, Cary Carahalios