A message from CEO Rob Katz on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018:

Today we are releasing the next episode of our employee podcast, From Eco-terrorism to Environmentalism.

Our Company has been on a journey since October 1998 when Vail Mountain was subject to a fire-bombing attack by eco-terrorists. In the 20 years since, we have undergone a metamorphosis to one of the leading environmental companies in the world. This journey has not always been a clear and direct path and has been full of twists and turns.

In this episode we are exploring the impact of the arson attack, our first forays into wind credits and why we eventually switched to forest fire restoration, the criticism we received for the political donations by our Political Action Committee, the acquisition of Whistler Blackcomb and the formulation of our Commitment to Zero, to what the future holds.

I really encourage everyone across the organization to take the time to listen to these podcasts. These stories are a fantastic way to learn about the Company and the people who make it what it is today.

We really appreciated the feedback we received on the last podcast and made some changes to the style and format of this one as a result of your input, so please keep the feedback coming in via podcast@vailresorts.com and if you see me on the mountain, don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts. 

Happy listening! 

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