Updated Code of Ethics and Reporting Resources

We are excited to share our updated Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. The Code provides guidance to help us live by our core values and provide an Experience of a Lifetime to our team members and guests by: 

  • Living our mission with integrity 
  • Interacting safely and fairly in the workplace 
  • Doing business the right way 
  • Connecting with our communities and the environment 
  • Fulfilling our public company responsibilities 

We are all responsible for living by the Code, and we ask that all team members take a moment to review it. 

Speak Up 
Your voice is important! We rely on you to speak up if you encounter a situation that violates our Code and could threaten our core values, integrity, stakeholders, or reputation. If you ever feel uncertain about whether an activity is ethical, speak up. We are counting on you to report any concerns so that they can be addressed. 

Reporting Resources 
You can always use the Ethics Helpline to report a concern. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an anonymous option, and is monitored by an independent, third party and triaged by the Ethics and Compliance Team. 

  • Call: 1-866-538-4266 (US/Canada; English and Spanish)  
  • Text: 1-720-738-6057 (North America only) 
  • Online: www.vrethicshelpline.com 
  • Australia: Telephone: 1-800-763-983 
  • Switzerland: Telephone: 0800.838.835 

Please note, the Ethics Helpline is not an emergency service and team members should contact local authorities for life-threatening issues. 

Additional Reporting Options 

Learn more about reporting ethics concerns.