Tips for a Rejuvenating Summer Season

This time of transition is a good chance to slow down and give ourselves space to adjust from winter activities to summer recreation. Take a moment to remind yourself of the small self-care steps you can take to rejuvenate this summer: 

Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water is even more important when your body starts to sweat. You can switch up your beverages with coconut water, smoothies and fresh juice as well.  

Do something new: Embrace seasonal renewal by doing something you haven’t tried before. Maybe you want to develop a green thumb by starting a garden, set up a 15-minute Teams chat or in-person coffee with a new colleague, or even try a new hiking trail.  

Spend time outdoors: The great outdoors inspire, invigorate and drive us. Plus, being in nature has profound effects on our health. Be sure to get outside and maybe even take a scenic gondola ride at one of our resorts this summer.   

Get connected: Enjoy the beautiful weather by engaging in an activity with a friend or family member.  

Be present: Take time to enjoy life and have gratitude. This is the season for clean starts. Rest and rejuvenate. 

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