Protecting confidential data is critical to business integrity and an obligation that is entrusted to all employees. As outlined in the Information Classification Standard, Confidential Data includes, but is not limited to, personally identifiable information, guest information, payment card industry data, employee information, supplier information and business/financial information.  

To ensure you are playing your part in protecting this information, please review and understand the Confidential Data Handling Policy. Some quick tips include: 

  • Don’t use a personal email address for work purposes. 
  • Confidential data should not be emailed or otherwise transmitted unless it is necessary to do so for business purposes. If you need to transmit confidential data electronically, contact the IT Support Center and they can arrange for a secure transfer (e.g. SFTP).  
  • Don’t send confidential data via Teams. 
  • Avoid leaving work laptops in your car. If you must do so, keep it in a locked trunk. 
  • Never leave a work laptop unattended in a public area. 
  • If using a shared printer to print copies of confidential data, use lock print and promptly retrieve your printouts. 
  • All hard copies of confidential data must be disposed of in a designated shred bin. Do not place confidential data in the trash can or recycle bin. 
  • If a laptop or other device containing confidential data is lost or stolen, notify your supervisor and the IT Support Center as soon as possible. 

The InfoSec team appreciates your help in keeping our organization secure. . If you have any questions, you can contact