We are excited to launch the new POWDER logo!



The logo utilizes the equality sign in an abstract way to create a snowflake icon that not only ties into our winter culture, but also implies multiple people, communities and ideas reaching inward to form a connection and support each other.



In celebration of International Women’s Day, CEO Rob Katz announced POWDER, a new program at our Company which aims to foster an inclusive culture that attracts and retains a broad range of exceptional talent and promotes diverse leadership growth opportunities. 

The inspiration for this initiative is the Women of Whistler Blackcomb (WOWB) program. In 2015, women leaders from every division across Whistler Blackcomb came together to ask, “How do we do better?” Driven by their passion to find an answer, they led a culture shift within the resort, impacting hiring practices, scheduling, development, advocacy, education and recognition. 

POWDER Pillars

  1. Awareness & Mindset – Culture of Inclusion
    Foster a culture of inclusion through the continued evaluation of our current atmosphere, the development of personal awareness and the celebration of diversity.
  2. Development/Growth/Support
    Develop and support strong, bold and diverse leaders throughout Vail Resorts by providing mentorship programs, educational, development and growth opportunities, and inclusive learning regions.
  3. Talent & Hiring
    Vail Resorts recruits and hires leaders who embrace diversity, grow talent and thrive in a culture of inclusion.

Next Steps
The Steering Committee members, listed below, are reaching out to your region’s leadership to discuss the approach and activation for your region and resort.

  • Executive Committee Sponsors: Pat Campbell & Lynanne Kunkel
  • Initiative Leaders/Whistler Blackcomb/Stevens Pass: Kate Roddick, Manager Internal Communications & Projects & Miriam MacDonald, Senior Manager Product Sales & Services
  • Enterprise Senior Leaders: Tara Schoedinger, Chief of Staff, Mountain Division; Lance Thompson, VP, Hospitality; Greg Willis, Senior Director, Skier Services, Beaver Creek
  • Broomfield: Julie Krogh, Senior Mountain Resorts Counsel & Melissa Allen, Director IT VRR
  • Summit County: Shannon Buhler Senior Manager Product Sales/Scan & Ticket POS, Keystone
  • Eagle County: Jennifer Rizza, Senior Manager F&B, Vail
  • Tahoe: Anjie Goulding, Senior Manager Product Sales/Scan & SS Product Sales, Kirkwood
  • Park City & Urban Resorts: Dora Akers, Group Manager, HR, Park City
  • Northeast: Karen Wagner, Senior Manager, Patrol, Stowe