A message from CEO Rob Katz on Tuesday, Nov. 27:

One of the things I love most about my job is the opportunity to get out to our resorts and meet and talk with employees. Having closed on four new resorts this summer, we will be almost 40,000 strong at the peak of this winter season, and it’s getting harder and harder to meet and talk in person with as many of you as often as I would like. Therefore, just as I ask you to find new ways of working as we grow, so must I, which is why I am excited to be launching our new podcast, Epic By Nature.

When I talk with employees, I am often asked about the stories behind the story. How do we make strategic decisions or decide what to invest in? Why do we select the resorts we acquire? What’s next? The true answers are often complex, a journey of twists and turns, ups and downs, and are rarely straightforward. Through this podcast we are offering a behind-the-scenes view of some of these stories.

Today we are releasing two episodes. The first is a “mini-episode” explaining the meaning behind the name Epic By Nature and giving insight into what to expect throughout this series. We are also releasing our first full-length episode, A Crossroads at Park City, which chronicles the tumultuous purchase of Park City and the leadership journey of Geoff Buchheister, currently Keystone’s General Manager, from that time.

We wanted to make sure we share these stories in a way that is accessible for as many of our 40,000 employees as possible. Instructions for how to access the podcast from any device, at any time, can be found below. You can also listen on

We are very interested in your feedback; how did you like the podcast medium, the style and format, what stories would you like to hear? We want to grow and improve and we need your input to do that. Feedback can be sent to

Happy listening! 

How To Access Epic By Nature

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