COVID-19 Related

  • CDC Health Alert Network: Coronavirus Outbreak Cases
  • COVID-19: New Confirmed Cases in Your City
  • SharePoint: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tax Cut Document
  • COVID Funds Release Update
  • White House Instructions for Coronavirus
  • Mortgage Rescue
  • $5,000/ Month Work from Home Job

Work Related

  • PTO Policy Changes
  • Deactivation of Email in Progress
  • Revised PTO Policy
  • One Drive- Large Number of Files Deleted

Personal and Social Media Related

  • LinkedIn Add Me to Your Network
  • Your friend tagged you in photos on Facebook
  • Someone has sent you a Direct Message on Twitter!
  • Amazon Shipment Update

Smishing (SMS or text message phishing) - Avoid clicking links in text messages

  • Bank Account Fradulent Activity Detected
  • BofA Account Disabled
  • Security Alert: PayPal
  • Tracking Number (FedEx, UPS, USPS)
  • Congratulations! You’ve won a gift card to ________

If you believe that you have received a malicious email to your work account, please report it using PhishAlarm.