Epic Wellness: Move, Meditate & Mingle

As we reach two years of living with COVID-19, many of us feel like we’ve been in sustained “survival mode” for a long time now, and the current global conflict has only added to our collective stress. So what actions can we take to help ourselves? Try to make space for one or two of the following in your day-to-day life:

  • Move — we crave movement, which helps with our self-regulation. Try a simple tool like online yoga or breathing apps, cooking and cleaning, working on home projects, exercising, or getting outside and enjoying our product.
  • Meditate — a response to helplessness can be to go numb. Instead, we want to be present in our bodies and our thoughts. Tools to help us do so include limiting the amount of daily technology consumed and practicing daily and deliberate breathing.
  • Mingle — reaching out and connecting with a peer, coworker or loved one can be tremendously helpful. Celebrate the arrival of spring together.

Free, confidential counseling is available through our Employee Assistance Program. Additional resources are also available related to coping with the war in Ukraine.