Epic Wellness Month: Access Your Exclusive Mindfulness App

For Epic Wellness month, we’re highlighting the wellness resources available to you – including a free and exclusive mindfulness app. Practicing mindfulness can help create an increased sense of well-being and balance while deepening our connection with ourselves and others. Through the eM Life app you can integrate mindfulness and wellbeing into your everyday life through on-demand, live and virtual content – available anytime, anywhere. 

To get the app today: 

  1. Download eM Life for iPhone or Android, or access online
  2. Select the option to sign up with Organization Login. 
  3. Register your account and use “mines” for the organization name or ID. 
  4. Complete your profile and make sure to use “vaileap” as the company code 
  5. Explore your new mindfulness tools! 

Once you have completed the above steps you can access eM Life again through the MINES web portal or though the eM Life Mindfulness app using the username and password you created. 

And remember - you, your coworkers and your family can also get mental health support 24/7 by calling (800) 873-7138 or you can complete the Digital Intake.