Epic By Nature - We Are Part of the Problem

Our company is on a journey to foster a culture that embodies our newest value, Be Inclusive. This episode of Epic By Nature explores the journey of several members of our company who are Black, Indigenous or other People of Color. Their stories are all unique, their journeys very much their own... What was their path to our company? What were some of the challenges and barriers they faced? How have they overcome them and what do they think needs to change as we continue on our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey?

Top row: Martin Drayton and Claudia Chacon; Second row: Annette Diggs and Nakita Smalls; Third row: Zen Mama and Court Larabee "Siginaak" (Blackbird); Fourth row: Martin Drayton and Nakita Smalls; Fifth row: Zen Mama, Court Larabee "Siginaak" (Blackbird) and Annette Diggs