Giving and receiving holiday gifts is appropriate and customary for many of our vendors and suppliers. However, we always need to keep in mind the Company’s guidance on what’s acceptable and what is not:

Permitted Gifts and Entertainment:

  • Holiday gift baskets of food and/or wine
  • Promotional gift items bearing the supplier’s logo (t-shirts, water bottles, fleece apparel, etc.)
  • Usual and customary meals, entertainment while accompanied by the vendor
  • Gifts of reasonable cost

Prohibited Gifts and Entertainment:

  • Cash or cash equivalent (e.g. gift certificates)
  • Any item given or accepted as “quid pro quo” (meaning an exchange of “this for that”)
  • Tickets to sporting or entertainment events, unless they are part of an event with the supplier’s representatives
  • Consumer electronics, household goods, sporting equipment or in-kind services (e.g., skis, bikes, iPods, iPads, computers, compensated hotel rooms, lessons, or rental equipment, etc.)
  • Any gift or entertainment that is illegal, breaks the law or are of excessive value.

If you have any questions about acceptable gifts or entertainment please email Thank you for always Doing Right.