Congratulations to Camp III Class of 2022 Graduates

Check out the Camp III graduation event at Vail Mountain, Colorado. As the third and final step in the Higher Ground leadership development series, Camp III is a six-month intensive leadership curriculum for senior-level leaders. It focuses on building business skills as well as deepening personal growth and development. Camp III requires significant time and focus, and we thank these leaders for their commitment and contribution which made this year’s program a success.    


Photo from left to right:  

Top row: Rebecca McDonnell, Jamien Hawkins, Ricky Newberry, Jim Wilson, Matt Cooper, Greg Kiskinen, JD Crichton, Trent Poole, Shaydar Edelmann, Sinead O’Donnell, Tim Martin, Zach Sennett 

Middle Row: Kyle Murphy, Dana Kent, Shannon Buhler, Aleck Watkins, Mitchell Weiss, Jess Zukin, Eric Saunders, Adi Merchant, Jack McCarthy, Tracey Turner, Sonny Kerstiens 

Front Row: Kate Wilson, Mike Giorgio, Anna Rozier, Alicia French, Katie Cook, Kristen Echtermeyer, Brett Cook, Diz Carter 

Missing: Jason Hensler, Katie Lapinski, Dan Ramker, Rosalie Rougeot, Jess Depetro, Rebecca Ritter, Scott Baldwin