Celebrating Gender Equality Month: Your Voice Matters

Bridgette Brinkmann, our VP of Talent Development, has been on a life-long journey of finding the courage to speak up in order to be the leader her team and peers needed. After being passed up for an early career promotion because of her fear of speaking up, Bridgette embarked on a journey of self-reflection where she learned to appreciate the impact her voice had on those around her.  Even though Bridgette still carries some of those fears today, she has developed the skills to navigate outside of her comfort zone to lead her team. Tune in to Bridgette’s journey and hear how she was able to shift what was once her biggest fear into her most impactful leadership asset, her voice.

March is recognized as Gender Equality Month globally, and Women’s History Month in the US, and is a time to celebrate and reflect on the accomplishments and contributions of women throughout history. At Vail Resorts, we celebrate the trailblazing women who have fearlessly shaped our Company and the ski industry.