Thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, a return to normalcy is in sight and excitement may interfere with your suspicion of dodgy emails and text messages. Be on the lookout as cybercriminals never turn down a chance to trick users into clicking on their email or text message phishing campaigns.

Vaccination phishing texts and emails may offer you an opportunity to join or skip a waitlist. They may even offer to ship a “vaccine” directly to your home in exchange for your personal information, including your social security number, health information and your banking/credit card details. In addition, it is important to be wary of advertisements embedded in websites that offer to sell you vaccines as it is another hidden attempt to steal your personal information.  

If you come across communications or ads like this, proceed with caution as a single click on one link could download malicious software onto your device.     

To exercise caution while searching for vaccine information, stick to credible sources like your doctor or official health organization websites (CDC, WHO, etc.). 

If you receive a suspected phishing email on your Vail Resorts email account, be sure to report it to the Information Security team using the PhishAlarm button in Microsoft Outlook.